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If you have a question regarding working in GoLive, please refer to the program help files. Keep in mind that what you see in GoLive is not a true representation of what will appear on the Internet. Be sure to preview in a browser.


Blank button, company name, page title and box top graphics are included. These are found in the Images folder. Import the needed blank graphics into your graphics program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Image Composer, etc.). If the program allows, place the button and page title images in layers, making additional layers for the titles. Display each layer of the graphics, one at a time, plus the needed title layer. Save the newly modified images as .gifs, and export into the template.

OR use the Fireworks editable .png files found in the PNGs folder. If you do not have Fireworks, a free trial copy is available from Macromedia. With the .png files the colors of the images can be easily changed. 

Time Saving Tip: Give the new .gifs the same file names as the originals in the template, letting them override the original graphics in the images folder. This way they will automatically fall into place in the template. After the new graphics are in the images folder, rename the files to make more sense for your site.

The font used on the buttons and page title images was Tahoma, commonly found on Widows operating systems. The font used on the company name and box headlines was Anastasia. A slight drop shadow was added.

We are also available to modify the graphics for a nominal fee. Please contact us for details.

Coordinating bullet graphics are provided.

An optional Swish movie is included on the Home page. Swish 2.01 or higher is needed to modify the movie.


The rollover button navigation was created in GoLive. New buttons with your page titles will need to be made in your graphics program and placed in the template.

All other navigation is text formatted with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at sandy@thetemplatestore.com.


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It is our goal to provide you with professionally designed templates at a reasonable price...and we're here for you after the sale, too!







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