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With the market being where it is at the present time, and organizations looking at their bottom lines of operating expenses, organizations are commonly out sourcing in house needs to contractors verses having to pay for an employee and all that comes with that hire. Lone Star Industrial Valve hence (LSIV) has over 45 years in the market can offer quality contract service on the following:

o   LSIV offers contract services for inspection of all valves in the API 598 & API 6-D spec.

o   Inspection of new or remanufactured valves.

o   Inspect quality of remanufactured procedure and hydrotesting of these valves.

o   Inspection, and hydrotest of Daniel meter tubes.

o   Inspect quality and QC procedures of either remanufacture or new equipment

o   Can witness hydrotest and MIC sheet.

o   Have over 10 years in the remanufacturing to AGA 3 85 edition & AGA 14.3 specs.

o   Catalog inventory idle assets, production equipment, pipeline equipment and process equipment.

o   Detail services for all your equipment to get on the market for resale.

o   LSIV vast network of potential buyers, can help increase your sales potential.

o  We also look at process plants, amine, and refrigeration cryogenic plants to place on the market.

For further assistance, contact:

Bill Bradshaw
Lone Star Measurement and Control
Cell: 713-725-4254
Cell: 832-954-5770
Email: bill@lsiv.net



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